Russell Westbrook – King of NBA Style

Russell Westbrook is Oklahoma City Thunder’s superstar guard and in case you didn’t know he’s the KING of NBA Style. His fearless fashion sense earned him Sports Illustrated’s Most Fashionable Athlete Award in 2017.

Below you are going to find a few questions from TIME’s interview with Russ. You can read the entire interview on TIME’s page.

TIME: When did you start taking an interest in your personal style?

Russell Westbrook: Definitely early on for me. When I was younger, I was into fashion but I wasn’t always able to afford and have the platform to express myself and do different things that I’m able to do now. I feel blessed to be at the stage in my career where certain doors are open to me in fashion, like this book.

TIME: Do you have any personal style icons that inspire your fashion?

Russell Westbrook: Yeah, my mom. My mom, from day 1, dressed me, my brother, my dad, kept us up to par on everything that was going on in the fashion world. To this day, she’s always fresher than me every time I see her. She’s who I look up to when it comes to style.

TIME: Are we going to see any more from you in fashion, do you have any new ventures?

Russell Westbrook: For sure, for sure! I’ll have my own line pretty soon, just trying to work on that. There’s definitely some things coming.

TIME: Do you have a stylist?

Russell Westbrook: No — it’s not worth the money!

Read the entire interview here.

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